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Animal Fury preview video confirms another flavor and an ingredient

animal fury

Animal recently unveiled its first new pre-workout supplement since the release of its almost three year old Animal Rage XL. The product introduced was Animal Fury, which we did get a brief look at although most of its words were blurred out. For the Stack3d Pro Fall Expo the hardcore brand has in fact put together a much better look at its upcoming pre-workout with a minute long preview video.

You can see the full Animal Fury video for yourself on the brand’s booth in the East Hall of the Stack3d Pro. The best look at the supplement does come right at the end where you get to see two tubs of Animal Fury neatly placed in a locker. The quick but clear look confirms a second flavor for the product in Green Apple, as well as one of its no doubt many ingredients.

The feature only just revealed in Animal’s preview video is the common pre-workout ingredient, CarnoSyn beta-alanine. We don’t get a dose or anything like that, just a mention of CarnoSyn beta-alanine confirming its inclusion.

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