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Black Skull gives us another protein powder named 3Whey

black skull 3whey

Black Skull 3Whey is the second most complex protein powder unveiled by the Brazilian brand this weekend, second to its six source formula Protein 6. Just like Protein 6 though, as well as like all the other similarly named protein supplements, Black Skull 3Whey pretty much confirms exactly what it is right in its title.

The product is the straightforward combination of three different protein sources, which Black Skull does some what transparently list on its label as whey concentrate 80, whey isolate 90, and hydrolyzed whey 90. As for the macros making up 3Whey, despite having a very different set of protein sources, they’re actually all almost identical to Protein 6. Making up each serving you have 29g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates, zero sugar, 2g of fat (1g saturated), and 150 calories.

Black Skull 3Whey

black skull 3whey

Lastly we have Black Skull 3Whey’s one size and flavor, which strangely enough are also things it has in common with Protein 6. The one size the brand has put together for 3Whey is a 45 serving 1.8kg bag, in the one Strawberry flavor, both being the only options confirmed for Protein 6.

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