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Chaos and Pain reformulating Cannibal Da Vinci without picamilon

cannibal da vinci

If you’re a Chaos and Pain fan and like to use the brand’s nootropic formula Cannibal Da Vinci, you’re definitely going to be interested in what we have to confirm today. The hardcore supplement company has announced that it is in fact reformulating the product, which explains why it’s currently out of stock on Chaos and Pain’s website.

The reason it’s being reformulated is because the brand needs to remove Cannibal Da Vinci’s 200mg of picamilon. For now we only know that the supplement is being reformulated without the ingredient, with no word on whether it’s just going to be dropped or if Chaos and Pain is going to make up for its loss in some way like it did with Cannibal Riot when it removed its DMAA.

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