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Free AllMax caffeine in’s Carbon Prep + Caffeine Stack

carbon prep

If you’ve ever wanted to try a caffeinated version of Layne Norton’s pre-workout Carbon Prep, but have never gotten around to stacking it with a separate caffeine product. now has a deal available that simply put, you may as well take advantage of if you’re a Carbon Prep fan. The online retailer has just added the Carbon Prep + Caffeine stack, which is the combination of Carbon Prep and a bottle of AllMax’s individual ingredient caffeine formula.

The idea behind the stack is obviously that you purchase the two and simply take your desired amount of caffeine from AllMax Caffeine stacked with a serving of Carbon Prep. The reason we’re saying you may as well just take advantage of it, is because the Carbon Prep + Caffeine Stack is the exact same price as Carbon Prep. has the two product stack listed at $34.97, meaning the caffeine is completely free.