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Chaos and Pain Predator looking like some kind of muscle builder

chaos and pain predator

Chaos and Pain has just passed on a bit of a teaser of what we can only assume is its next entirely new supplement release. The teaser is actually a little more than the usual blurred out or shadowed image, it is the graphic used on the front of the product. Not only does it give us a pretty good idea on what it’s going to look like, but also its name which is Chaos and Pain Predator.

While the teaser doesn’t exactly reveal a whole lot about the upcoming supplement, its name does suggest something or at least to us it does. Chaos and Pain Predator may not be a title that screams any specific category, it is however just a singular word. The reason that’s important is because the brand has only ever given one complex, non-spin-off product a one word title, and that was the muscle builder Legendary. Everything else in the Chaos and Pain line-up is Cannibal something such as Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Inferno.

We could be very wrong on this one but based on the fact that Chaos and Pain Predator has just one word to its name, we’re thinking it is going to be some kind of muscle builder. Again we could be way off on this one, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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