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Efectiv packs its maximum PMP serving with 6g of citrulline

efectiv pmp

Yesterday we posted about Efectiv Nutrition’s new stimulant powered pre-workout PWO, which aims to deliver a very energy and focus based experience. Today we have details on the UK brand’s other pre-workout, the stimulant free and mostly pump focused formula PMP. While it does have slightly different intentions, Efectiv PMP is quite like PWO in that it features a fairly simple, transparent combination of just a few ingredients.

The new Efectiv PMP features around the same amount of main ingredients as PWO with a total of five. The big attractions making up each maximum serving of the supplement are 6g each of citrulline and creatine monohydrate, 3g glycerol monostearate, twice the dose of ViNitrox found in PWO at 500mg, and 200mg of nutmeg extract. As mentioned yesterday the main focus of PMP is to help get you a solid pump, although it does promise a couple of other effects such as boosted performance.

Anyone interested in grabbing the new Efectiv product can now do so through its website at Efectiv PMP is now in stock there in the one 30 serving (15 maximum) tub size with almost the same flavors as PWO in Strawberry Lime, Blackcurrant, and the flavor that separates it, Raspberry Ice. The price on the stimulant free pre-workout is £29.99, just £3 cheaper than Efectiv’s stackable, stimulant pre-workout.

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