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Efectiv sticks to energy, focus, and transparency for PWO

efectiv pwo

Efectiv Nutrition recently unveiled two new pre-workout supplements, the stimulant powered PWO and the stimulant free pump formula PMP. Today we have everything you need to know about the former, with ingredients, options, and availability. Just like the last couple of new releases we’ve seen from the UK brand, Efectiv PWO is a 100% transparent product, listing doses for each and every one of its features.

Efectiv has kept things fairly straightforward for its stimulant pre-workout, packing it with just six main ingredients. Those ingredients per serving and in order of weight are 1.6g of beta-alanine, 1.5g tyrosine, half a gram of cocoa extract, 250mg Cognizin citicoline, 200mg caffeine, and 125mg of ViNitrox apple and grape polyphenols extract. Those doses are all based on a single serving of Efectiv PWO, its maximum however is two servings, so all of those can be doubled if you want to push the supplement to the limit.

The formula promises to deliver a combination of energy and focus, which kind of ideal since Efectiv’s other new pre-workout — PMP — completes the experience by being a pump product. As mentioned we do have availability details for PWO today, with the brand’s own website being the place you need to go. Efectiv fans can now grab the pre-workout at for £32.99 a tub in three 30 serving flavors with Strawberry Lime, Artic Grape, and Blackcurrant.

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