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Introducing Fuelshaker and its push and go supplement shakers


If you’re a shaker collector or just a fan of different supplement shakers, you might want to check Fuelshaker. We actually came across this brand while watching a video from Ghost’s athlete the Online Coach, and just had to go and grab one. Fuelshaker’s major product is the Fuelshaker Pro, which is along the same lines as the innovative Umoro One.

We’ve included a video from the brand below that goes over all of the Fuelshaker Pro features and how it works. Basically it’s a well-built, screw top shaker that comes with a compartment that attaches to the bottom where you can store your powder. From there instead of having to detach that compartment and pour the contents into the top like a SmartShaker, you can just push a button that then releases the powder into the cup.

The brand also has a significantly cheaper version simply called the Fuelshaker, which is kind of the same idea just without a few of the Fuelshaker Pro’s highlights. For more on the brand you can check out its website at, where you can also purchase either of its shakers with the regular Fuelshaker priced at $14.99 and the Pro at $26.99.

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