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Fuelshaker Pro Review: Not enough room for two scoops of protein

fuelshaker pro review

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to Fuelshaker and its innovative product, the Fuelshaker Pro. The item came off as quite an interesting looking shaker with a solid build and great presentation. We then went on to purchase the product to find out how good it is first hand, and to bring you what we have today, our Fuelshaker Pro review.

Great build quality

We’ll start out with the good things about the Fuelshaker Pro, although there are just as many bad things about it. The major highlight of the shaker for us is its build quality. The main cup feels incredibly strong, at least compared to most shakers, which is topped off with an equally solid and stylish rubber lid and base attachment. The lid gets even more praise from us as it has a screw on cap, not the usual clip on, making filling and drinking from the Fuelshaker Pro a very smooth, efficient experience.

Main feature is the biggest disappointment

Moving on to the usability of the Fuelshaker Pro, this is where we don’t have any more positive things to say. Once again, the shaker is extremely well built and the rubber lid and twist cap make it feel like a very high-end item. The main feature of the Fuelshaker Pro however is its storage compartment, where you can store a supplement powder then push the base in when you want to mix it in with whatever you have in the cup.

Strangely enough it is the Fuelshaker Pro’s main feature that leaves us a little disappointed. As easy as videos make it look, we didn’t find pushing the base to release the stored powder all that easy. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s just not a light button and it takes a little more effort than you’d think.

Fueler just big enough for a scoop of protein

The other issue we have with the Fuelshaker Pro, and this is something you’ll need to know if you do decide to buy it, is the size of the “Fueler” compartment. For us the shaker is essentially useless for a workout, purely because we only managed to squeeze in 35g of a protein powder in there (supplying 30g of protein) for use post workout. Usually we mix Carb10 with two scoops of protein, so it doesn’t even come close to having enough room for that, let alone one and a half scoops of protein.

fuelshaker pro review

The Fuelshaker Pro’s Fueler obviously has room for things like pre-workouts, aminos, and some post-workouts, although that does mean you’ll need to bring an extra shaker to the gym for post-workout. If that’s the case you may as well buy two of something cheaper like our favorite, the Alpha Bottle.

Definitely not for eveyrone

Overall the Fuelshaker Pro is a well-built shaker, as we mentioned in the beginning. The issue is it just runs into too many usability and functionality problems with its main feature. If you don’t drink anything post workout or you’re a single scooper than you might want to look into it, although for the latter you will need to make sure your protein isn’t over 35g per serving. Basically the reason we’re disappointed in the Fuelshaker Pro is because it just doesn’t work like we need a shaker to, which we imagine would be the case for quite a few lifters.

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