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Chris Jones confidently calls his Pump Chasers protein GAF Whey

gaf whey

Things have been moving fairly consistently for Chris Jones’ Pump Chasers supplement line since it arrived earlier this year. The brand started with just the one product in Intra-Pump, then followed it up with a second a month later in March with the pre-workout Pump & Grind. Pump Chasers fans have now been given a third supplement, which isn’t actually something you usually see from relatively young brands.

The all-new addition to Chris Jones’ Pump Chasers line is a protein powder called GAF Whey, which confidently stands for Good As F@#% Whey. The product is a pretty straightforward whey protein formula, as you might have guessed by its name, featuring a clean blend of whey concentrate and isolate. The macros making up each full-size serving of GAF Whey are 25g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, 1.5g of fat (1g saturated), and a total of 130 calories.

Pump Chasers GAF Whey

gaf whey

As mentioned and as you can see, Pump Chasers GAF Whey is a fairly straightforward protein powder although it does mix things up a bit when it comes to its menu. The latest supplement effort from Chris Jones has in fact been given just the one flavor, which isn’t the usual chocolate, cookies and cream, or vanilla. GAF Whey’s one and only flavor is the very rarely attempted Peach Cobbler.

Anyone interested in picking up the new Pump Chasers protein powder can now do so at its biggest retailer, Tiger Fitness. The product is already listed and in stock on the store’s website with a price tag of $54.99 for its one 5lb, 67 serving tub size.

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