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Clumped Pump and Grinds on sale for just $18 a tub at Tiger Fitness

pump chasers

If you liked the look of Pump Chasers’ packed out pre-workout supplement Pump and Grind, which was originally released a little over six months ago at the end of March. You will definitely want to check out the deal Tiger Fitness is running at the moment. Basically the retailer has a select amount of full-size tubs of Pump and Grind that have some clumping issues, and to get rid of them it’s running a buy one get one.

Instead of paying $36.99 for just the one tub of Pump Chasers’ Pump and Grind, you can now get two so long as you don’t mind the clumping. Tiger Fitness has said that some of the tubs are in fact almost entirely solid, although all they usually take to make them normal again is a bit of crushing with the likes of a knife or fork. You’re essentially trading a few minutes of work for tubs of Pump and Grind at only $18.50 each.

It is also worth mentioning that the products are not expired, just clumped, with their expirations said to be 03/2018.

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