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Performix Terra-Beads make Gluta-Bead more than twice the price of its competitors


To round out the week Performix has passed on everything you need to know about the glutamine formula it previewed yesterday, Gluta-Bead. Not only does that include all of the options the supplement is going to be available in, but also all of the ingredients it features. The formula is actually not what we suspected it to be, with just a single form of glutamine as opposed to a blend like the similarly named Crea-Bead.

The one main ingredient making up each serving of Performix Gluta-Bead is 5g of regular l-glutamine, infused with the brand’s signature extended release Terra-Bead Technology. We’re fairly certain that makes this one Performix’s first ever single ingredient formula, as previously the closest thing we had was Crea-Bead and its three forms of creatine.

Performix Gluta-Bead


In total Gluta-Bead has two 45 serving options to choose from in Unflavored and Blue Razz, with the flavoring of the latter adding a gram of carbohydrates and five calories to each of its servings. Both of those products are also now available at Performix’s major retailer GNC.

For a glutamine supplement, Gluta-Bead is priced very high at $43.99 for Gold Card members or $54.99 for everyone else. When you compare that to the value of something like Optimum’s Glutamine at, which is also just regular l-glutamine. You’re essentially paying more than twice the price for the added Terra-Beads, or compared to 225g of MusclePharm’s Glutamine you’re looking at almost four times.

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