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USP Labs unveils Honeydew Melon Modern BCAA

honeydew melon modern bcaa

Over the weekend USP Labs unveiled a new flavor for its mainstream BCAA competitor Modern BCAA. Fans do already have quite the list of options to choose from with the supplement including recipes such as Pineapple Strawberry, Mango Orange, and Pink Lemonade. The new addition now confirmed to be joining that list is possibly one of USP’s most creative, in Honeydew Melon Modern BCAA.

As well as unveiling Modern BCAA’s next flavor, USP Labs has also let fans know roughly when it’s going to be available. According to the brand its new product is going to be dropped “very soon”, which sounds close enough to be this week or next. Whenever the launch does go down though, you’ll want to be signed up to USP’s insider group as that is who Honeydew Melon Modern BCAA is going to be introduced to first.

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