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Hyper Shred Edge makes it five for BSN’s Edge Series

hyper shred edge

BSN’s fifth Edge Series supplement has been unveiled this week, with the upcoming addition to the family being a fat burner. Following on from the very first Edge release in Syntha-6 Edge, then NO Xplode XE, the Syntha-6 Edge Bar, and the recent AminoX Edge, we have Hyper Shred Edge. The product appears to be a new version of the brand’s similarly named, current weight loss competitor, Hyper Shred.

At the moment we only have a preview and description of Hyper Shred Edge, although the two do actually reveal more than you’d think. Firstly the supplement’s preview confirms its three main effects with increased energy, metabolism, and focus, very much like BSN’s current version of Hyper Shred which promises weight loss, energy, and focus.

Next we have a description of BSN’s upcoming Hyper Shred Edge, where surprisingly seven of its ingredients are named although unfortunately without any doses. In no specific order those features are caffeine, tyrosine, green tea, Cognizin citicoline, yerba mate, zinc, and another branded ingredient with MaxiTherm.

syntha-6 edge bar

Even though we don’t yet know if there is anything else in the formula, the list is quite a bit different compared to the current Hyper Shred. It is however worth mentioning that the Hyper Shred Edge we’re talking about today has only been confirmed for the UK market. That is obviously very important as it could mean the fat burner may not even make it to the US like BSN’s Syntha-6 Edge Bar, and if it does it may have a very different formula like NO Xplode XE.

As soon as more information comes in we’ll be sure to share it, and if you’re wondering whether or not this is one of the two Edge Series products BSN promised at the Olympia, at this point we don’t yet know.

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