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Details emerge on a new CT Fletcher line called Iron Addicts Supplements

iron addicts supplements

It looks like CT Fletcher is going to go the way a lot of other major fitness icons have lately and put together his very own series of supplements. Details have emerged of a new line from Iron Addicts that has been given a rough release timeframe as well as previews of some of its products. The brand and supplements do appear to be separate from CT Fletcher’s iSatori Signature Series, which since launch has remained at a total of two products with the pre-workout ISYMFS and Rapid-Test.

There have been three Iron Addicts supplements previewed, all featuring titles that sound pretty damn intense. The supplements are the pre-workout Sidewalk Cracka, the whey protein powder, I Command You To Grow, and the presumably stimulant free pump pre-workout Sleeve Buster. The three have also been given equally CT Fletcher-esque names for their flavors with Fruit Punch Mothafucka Sidewalk Cracka, Blue Raspberry Mothafucka Sleeve Buster, and Chocolate Mothafuckin’ Pretzel I Command You To Grow.

The one other detail we have to pass on for the upcoming CT Fletcher Iron Addicts line is that the products aren’t as far away as you’d expect. All three supplements — Sidewalk Cracka, Sleeve Buster, and I Command You To Grow — are due to be released sometime in November which means at the very least we could be seeing them in four weeks.

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