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Jaybird X3 squeezes better charging, fit, and sound into even smaller buds

jaybird x3

Earlier in the year Jaybird unveiled a follow-up to its current wireless buds the X2, which are available at Campus Protein. The sequel is appropriately titled the Jaybird X3, and after months of waiting the product has now finally arrived. The earbuds are a lot like their predecessor, just with a few upgrades that Jaybird fans may recognize from the brand’s Freedom model.

The most exciting thing about the new Jaybird X3 is that it is even smaller than the X2, but with more sound as well as plenty of other new and improved features. The product is still sweat proof with strong battery life, although the battery department has been made a little better as Jaybird has added in fast-charge technology that’ll get you an hour of playtime off a 15-minute charge.

jaybird x3

The other areas were the brand has improved in the X3 include its Bluetooth which now has better signal strength, and its fit with Jaybird’s signature fins being redesigned for a more secure and comfortable fit. The brand’s MySound app is also compatible with the Jaybird X3, much like the Freedom, where you can create your own sounds profiles and save them to your buds for use with all music apps.

By the looks of things the brand has made more improvements this time around than it did from the original to the X2. We obviously can’t judge 100% until we’ve tried them out ourselves, but they do at least sound and look like a strong evolution. You can read more about the Jaybird X3 at, where you can also now purchase a pair for $129.95 in Blackout (black and silver) or Sparta (white and gold).

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