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BPI Sports combines aminos with BHB salts for Keto Aminos

keto aminos

Earlier this year BPI Sports gave us the very first ketogenic pre-workout supplement with Best Pre. The brand has now given us what we’re fairly certain is another industry first with the ketogenic infused amino formula, Keto Aminos. The product features a somewhat similar combination to BPI’s ketogenic pre-workout, featuring BHB salts and MCTs, as well as glutamine and citrulline.

We don’t yet have any more details on the contents of Keto Aminos, the brand however has already made the supplement available and dropped a pretty detailed description. You can read BPI’s full “Ketogenic Diet Workout Supplements” post on its website where it talks about Keto Aminos along with some of its other ketogenic formulas. The main areas highlighted for Keto Aminos’ are its ability to help replenish electrolytes and get you “keto-adapted”, accelerate fat loss, build lean muscle, and improve recovery.

As mentioned BPI Sports latest ketogenic effort is actually already out and available for purchase. The place you’ll find it in stock is the brand’s own website again, where it’s currently priced at $54.99 with two 30 serving flavors to choose from in Tropical Freeze and Watermelon Ice.

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