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Labrada reveals and releases its all natural Lean Body Bar

lean body bar

Labrada Nutrution has just added another product to its growing Lean Body family. The latest from the brand is actually an edible effort, introducing the Labrada Lean Body Bar. The product is of course a new protein bar, featuring a gluten free, low sugar, probiotic infused, all natural formula.

The macros making up each full 72g Lean Body Bar are 20g of protein, 33g of carbohydrates (15g fiber), low sugar as promised with just 4g, 6g of fat (3g saturated), and a total of 270 calories. Those numbers are all from the label of the product’s Cookie Dough flavor and do vary slightly for its one other option, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Only one number really changes from Cookie Dough to the Peanut Butter Lean Body Bar and that is the fat, which is 7g instead of 6 with still 3g of being saturated fat.

You can read a little more about Labrada’s latest protein bar on its website, which is also where the supplement is now available. As well as completely unveiling the Lean Body Bar today, the brand has officially launched it with a strong limited time deal. For the next two days you can get the product in either Cookie Dough or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip for $24.99 per 12 bar box. If you’d like to save even more, you can try and push your order up to $100 as that’ll get you free shipping at

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