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Groupon exclusive Fit & Lean Meal Replacement now at Muscle & Strength

mhp fit and lean meal replacement

If you’re an MHP fan or just a regular supplement shopper at Groupon, you may have come across and/or recognize the product Fit & Lean Fat Burning Meal Replacement Powder. For those that haven’t seen it before, it is obviously a meal replacement formula, exclusive to Groupon, although more importantly it is a very separate spin-off of MHP’s Fit & Lean Brownie and Protein Pudding. We say it’s very separate because it isn’t quite branded the same as the other Fit & Lean supplements, but it is a part of the family.

Just as a quick run down of the formula behind the Fit & Lean Meal Replacement, each serving of it packs 20g of lactose free protein, 15g of carbohydrates (11g fiber), 3.5g of fat (2.5g saturated), and a total of 140 calories. The product comes in the one 10 serving tub size, with three flavors to choose from in Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla. As interesting as all of that is, there is in fact a more important reason we’re putting MHP’s Fit & Lean Meal Replacement in the spotlight today.

MHP Fit & Lean Meal Replacement

mhp fit and lean meal replacement

More MHP fans may actually start seeing the brand’s third Fit & Lean formula very soon, if not already, as the brand has just made it available outside of Groupon. MHP has decided to give the supplement to two other locations with Muscle & Strength and the online giant Amazon. We can’t yet find it on the latter, however it is now in stock at Muscle & Strength for the same price as Groupon at $19.99 a tub, although for a limited time it does comes with a free Fit & Lean Protein Pudding.

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