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Royalty making its reformulated Reign Recharged sound very intense

new royalty reign

Royalty Nutrition has announced that a new and improved version of its pre-workout supplement Reign is on the way. The news has come in with an image of the updated product, which on the outside looks almost the same with one minor difference. The reformulated Royalty Reign appears to have the word “Recharged” across the top corner of its tub, something that will help fans tell it apart when it eventually hits shelves.

As exciting as all of this is, the big question of course is what has the brand changed on the inside for Reign Recharged? While we do know the supplement is coming as well as what it looks like, we have absolutely no idea what we’re in for formula wise. The only clue Royalty has given in that area is that it highly suggests fans assess their tolerance when they get it by starting with a half scoop, making Reign Recharged sound like a very intense sequel.

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