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AMD combines water loss with Performix’s signature Terra Beads

performix amd

Performix has been pretty busy this month, totaling up quite the list of new releases. It all started with the glutamine formula Gluta-Bead and the glutamine + carbohydrate Carbon, then we got a handful of new sizes and flavors. To round out this week the brand actually has yet another entirely new product, introducing Performix AMD.

The name doesn’t exactly explain what AMD is, although the words that it stands for do give you more of an idea with “Amplified Muscle Definition”. The supplement is in fact a water loss formula which officially describes itself on its box as a “Multi-Phase Water Shred Complex”. The brand has basically combined its signature time released Terra Bead Technology with a diuretic formula.

Moving on to the contents of Performix AMD, it features a single 1.13g proprietary blend made up of a total of ten different ingredients. The first complex on the product’s label is the AMD Beadlet Matrix listing uva ursi, dandelion (4:1), juniper (4:1), horsetail, and hydrangea extract. Next is the AMD Liquid Definition Matrix where you get the other five features with medium chain triglycerides, parsley supercritical CO2 extract, fennel supercritical CO2 extract, buchu oil, and juniper berry supercritical CO2 extract.

Performix AMD (Amplified Muscle Definition)

performix amd

As you can see in Performix AMD’s official label above, all of its ingredients are packed into a two capsule serving with just 20 servings per box. Like most water loss supplements AMD has been designed to last a lot less than the usual 30 days, in fact if you take it at its maximum of two servings a day, you’ll be finished it in 10 days.

While AMD is not yet available anywhere, you can secure yourself a bottle at GNC for when it does eventually arrive. The retailer is already listing the product on its website on backorder, in the one 40 capsule size at $39.99 for Gold Card members and 25% more at $49.99 for everyone else.

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