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Detailed look at CT Fletcher’s Sleeve Buster supplement released

sleeve buster supplement

As we continue to near the launch of CT Fletcher’s all-new Iron Addicts supplement line, which is now 38 days away. More and more details continue to surface about the products in the line, with today bringing a look at the formula behind the brand’s pump pre-workout Sleeve Buster. Previously all we knew about the supplement was its category, although now we know exactly what’s in it and what to expect from the other two Iron Addicts products.

We don’t unfortunately have an official facts panel to share with you today for Sleeve Buster, so we are going to just list everything we have as detailed as we can. In total the formula behind the Iron Addicts’ pump pre-workout features six ingredients, all of which are 100% transparently dosed and included to help give you a solid muscle pump. The ingredients from heaviest to lightest are 6g of citrulline malate, 2.5g of the branded BetaPower betaine anhydrous, a gram glycerol monostearate, 750mg Nitrosigine arginine silicate inositol, half a gram of beet root, and 150mg of norvaline.

All of the ingredients and doses listed are from a single serving of CT Fletcher’s Sleeve Buster, with each tub of the supplement packing a total of 30 servings. As mentioned the formula reveal not only lets us know exactly what’s in Sleeve Buster, but it also gives us a bit of an idea on what Iron Addicts’ other products will be like, I Command You To Grow and Sidewalk Cracka. The most interesting part is that Sleeve Buster is transparently dosed, suggesting the other two will be as well.

With just over five weeks to go until CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts supplement line launches, there is still quite a bit of time before everything is available. It also means the brand has plenty of time to release all of the information it needs to including the formulas behind its other two products, previews, availability, and of course pricing.

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