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Stimul8 Muscle looking like a more complete version of Stimul8

stimul8 muscle

At the beginning of the week we unveiled Finaflex’s very first Stimul8 spin-off supplement, introducing the dedicated pump formula simply named Stimul8 Pumped. Today we have the other Stimul8 spin-off that was said to be on the way, introducing the much more interesting Stimul8 Muscle. The reason this one is slightly more interesting is because its intentions appear to be a little more complex than Pumped and we also have a few more details for it.

Much like with our unveiling of Pumped, all we have to go off for Finaflex’s upcoming Stimul8 Muscle at the moment is a preview. This preview however reveals a lot more than Pumped’s, such as a handful of the product’s ingredients.

From what we can tell Stimul8 Muscle isn’t going to be something you can stack the original with like the unflavored Stimul8 Pumped. Muscle looks like another standalone pre-workout, although slightly more complete than the regular Stimul8. There are a few things backing that theory up, the first being that instead of weighing in at 6g per serving like Stimul8, Stimul8 Muscle comes in 25% heavier at 7.5g.

The other two details we have that also point to Muscle being a standalone pre-workout are that it’s flavored and caffeine is one of the few ingredients we know are in it. The other features we know of are theacrine, beta-alanine, and something ending in the word monohydrate which we can only assume is creatine monohydrate.

Based on all of that it does definitely seem like Stimul8 Muscle is going to be a standalone pre-workout like the original. Our guess is that its formula is very similar to the regular Stimul8, just with a few things thrown in to maybe give it a more performance based or less stimulant powered direction like Muscle Sport’s Rhino and Rhino Black.

For now that is all we have, although be sure to stay tuned for more information as we will share as soon as it comes in. Finaflex fans can also expect to see Stimul8 Muscle on shelves around the same time as Stimul8 Pumped, which is sometime in December.

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