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Stimul8 Pumped preview confirms a 1g serving size

stimul8 pumped

At the moment Finaflex fans can find their favorite brand’s pre-workout supplement in a variety of different forms. Since the release of its original powder, Stimul8 has been given a few extra flavors, a capsule version, as well as an on-the-go RTD. Something we haven’t seen from Finaflex though is a Stimul8 spin-off of any kind, although that is all about to change.

A preview of Stimul8 Pumped has been released today, which is the first spin-off of Finaflex’s well-known pre-workout competitor. At the moment all we have on the product is the preview, confirming its form, size details, and an idea on what kind of formula we’re in for.

As you might have been able to guess by its name, Stimul8 Pumped is a pump pre-workout unlike the more energized, original Stimul8. On top of the supplement’s category we know that each tub of it packs 30 servings, with unflavored being the only option confirmed for it so far. Each serving also weighs in at a relatively small one gram, suggesting we’re in for a fairly simple pump formula made up of just a few ingredients.

Definitely stay tuned for more from on Finaflex’s upcoming Stimul8 Pumped as we should have its facts panel sometime in the next month, with the launch of the product expected to take place in December.

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