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Primeval Labs VasoGorge looking more pump focused than Engorge


It’s been a while since we’ve seen any entirely new supplements from Primeval Labs. The brand was however extremely busy at the start of this year when it dropped Adrenal Rush V2, BIO3 IntraCell 7 and Xanix, Black Devil, and Pyretic, so the silence on the new release front does make sense. It seems Primeval is now back and getting ready to release its first new product in almost four months, as it has just unveiled its upcoming VasoGorge.

All we have at the moment on one of the next Primeval Labs release is a small shot of it confirming its title, what type of supplement it is, and that it’s coming in capsule form. If the name didn’t quite give it away, VasoGorge is being described as an extreme pump/bloodflow formula promising “skin tearing pumps”.

The interesting thing there is that the brand does already have a pump product available with the stimulant free pre-workout Engorge. We don’t yet know what’s going to be separating VasoGorge from Engorge outside of there forms, although it does look like the new release is going to be focused solely on pump whereas Engorge also promotes performance and focus.

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