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Ambrosia drops a preview of its second ever supplement

ambrosia nektar

Way back at the beginning of the year word got out that Ambrosia, the collaborative brand made up of Marc Lobliner of MTS, HPN’s Sean Torbati, and ImSoAlpha’s Mike Rashid. Was working on another couple of supplements, one of which was named Nektar. The product was said to be a flavored formula put together to help with organ health. A preview of that supplement has now surfaced, confirming that it is both real and finally nearing release.

The first look at Ambrosia Nektar does give us quite a few details, although no naming of any ingredients. The image reconfirms that the product is a flavored, overall health formula, packing 30 servings into its 186g tub. The only other piece of information we get is that it does look like Nektar has 12 lines on its facts panel, suggesting it’ll have a total of 12 different ingredients.

While Ambrosia has dropped a preview of Nektar today, we still don’t have any idea on when this one is going to be launched. As mentioned earlier, the first look certainly makes it seem like the supplement is ready to go, although we will need to wait for confirmation from Ambrosia itself.

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