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Banana Armor Carb Killa Review: Carb Killa now the king of protein bars

banana armor carb killa reivew

We’ve been fortunate enough to try every single Carb Killa flavor Grenade has put out since launching the protein bar. We can honestly say absolutely none of them have disappointed, with the White Chocolate Cookie still being our favorite of them all. Today we have our Banana Armor Carb Killa review, which actually does a little more than take the title of our second favorite flavor.

An unreal chocolate banana combination

Like all of Grenade’s Carb Killas, Banana Armor is covered with a delicious chocolate coating and a gooey caramel top layer. The signature Carb Killa combination has given the bar the ability to make an average flavor taste good, and a good flavor taste great. With Banana Armor it is the latter, as Grenade simply nails the core banana flavor which combined with everything else, results in a chocolate banana experience that you could only previously get from an actual sugar loaded chocolate treat.

banana armor carb killa reivew

Grenade’s Banana Armor Carb Killa has this sugary sweet banana flavor to it that you just know is on point the minute you get a whiff of it after you unwrap it. What’s even more interesting is that when you urgently bite into it the flavor it’s better than you can possibly imagine. The heavy chocolate outside really compliments the sweet banana center, and at no point does it ever interfere or overpower the fruity flavor. The two tastes work so surprisingly well together it’s best to only have one Banana Armor Carb Killa within reach.

Carb Killa now officially the king of protein bars

Initially we were concerned as to whether or not Grenade could do a fruity Carb Killa, since up until Banana Armor it had yet to release one. It turns out Grenade is not only good with fruit flavors, but it has the skills to make them taste better than some of its more flavor dense chocolate Carb Killas. Also now that we know the brand can handle anything we feel it’s about time we officially name Carb Killa the protein bar king.

Since it was released Carb Killa has been killing the competition, however we couldn’t quite say it was the king due to its lack of variety. That is now no longer the case, with the Grenade protein bar currently available in eight different flavors, none of which disappoint and most of which are unbeatable.

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