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Best BCAA Shredded revealed with three ingredients confirmed

best bcaa shredded

After dropping a handful of teaser images, BPI Sports has finally unveiled its previously mystery supplement, which based on its last teaser we suspected to be a new or spin-off of Best BCAA. It turns out we were spot on with one of our guesses, as the latest from the brand is in fact a spin-off of Best BCAA. The official name of the upcoming product is Best BCAA Shredded.

As you could probably guess by its title, BPI’s first ever Best BCAA spin-off is a combination of BCAAs and weight loss. All we have at the moment is a short video introducing the supplement, so we don’t yet know all of the ingredients making up its formula. We can however confirm three of its main features, and one of its doses. Those features are 5g of BCAAs, and unknown amounts of citrulline and carnitine.

best bcaa shredded

Despite giving us a much better look at Best BCAA Shredded this week, BPI is still planning on launching the product later in the month. The date it’s promoting is the 30th, which is right at the end of the month, next week on Wednesday.

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