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Introducing Black Market’s high stimulant pre-workout Stim

black market stim

Yesterday we posted about a teaser from Black Market which hinted at an entirely new pre-workout supplement. That product has now been unveiled and as suspected it is an entirely new supplement, but not quite the female pre-workout we were thinking. The latest from the original underground brand is Black Market Stim, a more stimulant powered pre-workout compared to its current competitors.

The effects being promoted for the new Black Market product are energy, focus, and power, with a combination of 14 ingredients included to help deliver those effects. Looking at its formula, Black Market Stim will likely perform quite differently from either of its AdreNOlyn pre-workouts. As mentioned it packs a total of 14 ingredients, giving it a much more complete formula. The brand has also decided to keep almost everything in proprietary blends, only listing the exact doses for five of its ingredients.

Black Market Stim

black market stim

You can see Black Market Stim’s official label above, made up of three proprietary blends and two individually listed ingredients. From top to bottom the stimulant pre-workout lists 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 5mg BioPerine, a 721mg blend of 450mg caffeine, theobromine, higenamine, vitamin B12, and 5mg yohimbe. A 381mg blend of acetyl-l-carnitine, mucuna pruriens, and 6mg huperzine A, and lastly a 530mg blend of choline, theanine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and hordenine. Those numbers are all based on Stim’s maximum single scoop serving, as you could probably guess by its almost half a gram dose of caffeine.

We have no word yet on what flavors Black Market Stim is going to be available in or if it’ll have any at all, just that you’ll be able to get it in at least the one 30 serving tub size.

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