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Latest BPI teaser gives us even more reason to think Best BCAA

bpi sports

BPI Sports continues its teaser campaign today, following on from the last two images we saw that left us thinking we were in for a new version or spin-off of Best BCAA. The latest teaser from the brand does actually make us even more certain on what the mystery supplement is, as it includes a few new details that all seem to point at Best BCAA.

The new BPI image includes four pieces of information, all of which keep us thinking of a reformulated Best BCAA or some kind of spin-off. The first detail we see is part of a word with three letters “LEA”. Our guess is that completes the word “LEAN”, suggesting some kind of weight loss formula, although the current Best BCAA does promote “Lean Mass” so it’s not too out of place.

A couple of other Best BCAA linking details we get are the mystery product’s weight and amount of servings. Overall the tub weighs in at 275g with 25 servings, working out to 11g per serving. While that is fewer servings than the current Best BCAA’s 30, the serving size is 10% heavier, which wouldn’t be too surprising for a reformulated Best BCAA or even a version with something added to it.

Lastly we have the most interesting teaser detail, the brand’s simple use of the word “synthase”. While that may not seem like much, in supplements it’s generally used in the term “nitric oxide synthase” in relation to pump ingredients. In fact, in the past BPI has used the term to describe its use of agmatine in Leucine Agma pH. For those that didn’t know, agmatine is coincidentally an ingredient in the current Best BCAA, giving us yet another reason to think we’re for some kind of Best BCAA.

To add even more excitement to the mix, it turns out we are going to be finding out exactly what BPI’s mystery is in three day’s time on Monday. The brand has confirmed that it’s making a special announcement this Monday, which we can only assume is the reveal of the product. BPI has been promoting the date the 28th of this month since it started its teaser campaign, so if the supplement is revealed Monday, the 28th is probably its release date.

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