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Chaos and Pain’s upcoming Predator confirmed as a nutrient partitioner

chaos and pain predator

Last week we got a bit of a preview of Chaos and Pain’s upcoming non-Cannibal named supplement, Predator. Based on a few things we suspected that the product was going to be a muscle-building formula of some kind. Now almost one week later the brand has dropped an official preview of the supplement which answers the question, what actually is Predator?

As you can see in the image above, Chaos and Pain Predator confirms exactly what it is right on the front of its bottle. It turns out we were a bit off with our guess, as the product has in fact been designed for the nutrient partitioning category. The only other detail we’ve got is that Predator packs 60 capsules per bottle, giving it plenty of room for a well-dosed formula.

Unfortunately we haven’t been given any ingredients to go with today’s official Chaos and Pain Predator preview. On the bright side, at least fans now know what they’ll soon be able to add to their stacks, with the supplement expected to be released later this month.

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