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Combat XL Bar powered by whey, milk, and pea protein

combat xl bar

Yesterday MusclePharm’s next major supplement release was unveiled, introducing the mass protein spin-off, the Combat XL Bar. All we had to go off then was that the bar weighed in at a rather larger 90g with 30g of protein, which suggested it would be along the same lines as the now discontinued Arnold Series Muscle Bar. We’ve now got everything you need to know about the new protein bar, confirming that it’s macro are similar to the Muscle Bar but the formula is different.

The biggest thing that separates the new Combat XL Bar from the Arnold Muscle Bar is that it uses a slightly different set of protein sources. Instead of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and soy, the latest edible effort from MusclePharm relies on whey concentrate, whey isolate, milk isolate, and pea protein isolate. As for the bar’s other macros, they have pretty much the same balance as the Arnold Muscle Bar with just a little bit more of everything.

MusclePharm Combat XL Bar

combat xl bar

On top of the Combat XL Bar’s 30g of protein it also has an almost equal 31g of carbohydrates with 8g of that sugar and 5g fiber, 20g of fat (10g saturated), and a total of 390 calories. As you can see it’s a similar kind of balance to the Arnold Muscle Bar despite the switch in protein sources with the same protein, 4g more fat, an extra gram of carbs, and 20 more calories.

Fans can expect to see the new MusclePharm Combat XL Bar in stores soon in three flavors, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Brownie, and Cinnamon Twist. Coincidentally those three are very similar to the three the Arnold Muscle Bar had on its menu with Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Brownie, and Frosted Cinnamon Bun.

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