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Transparent Ghost Amino features just as many changes as Legend

ghost amino

Following Ghost’s unveiling of its new, 100% transparent pre-workout, the brand has released a detailed look at the 100% transparent version of its other original supplement, Ghost Amino. Just like with its updated pre-workout, the brand has made a few changes to its amino formula for its transparent transformation, which involves increases, decreases, and the removal of a few ingredients.

It’s difficult to say exactly what Ghost has changed for its transparent Ghost Amino, as while its new version does list the doses of everything, the previous version did not. Based on the information we do get from both products’ labels, we can confirm that Ghost Amino still has 5g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio, although it no longer has any BCAA peptides.

ghost amino

Moving on to the supplement’s amino acid blend, it does now appear to have tryptophan added into the mix and instead of weighing in at a combined total of 2g, the amino blend is 75% heavier at 3.5g. The third and final group of ingredients in Ghost Amino is the Smart Hydration blend, which is 850mg lighter and down two ingredients. The ingredients no longer on the product’s label are rhodiola and bacopa monnieri.

The launch date for the new, 100% Transparent Ghost Amino is actually the same as the brand’s pre-workout, with both supplements due to be released sometime tomorrow. For those that haven’t been following, that it also when Ghost plans on opening up its online store to the UK and Canada.

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