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Metabolic simply removes picamilon and AMP citrate for its new ESP

metabolic esp

Metabolic Nutrition has just launched the product it teased last week, which has turned out to be a new version of its stimulant powered pre-workout ESP. Unlike more exciting new versions of supplements however, very little has been changed in Metabolic ESP. The pre-workout’s formula is essentially exactly the same, minus a couple of ingredients that needed to be removed.

If you ever tried Metabolic ESP or even just remember what’s on its label, you’ll know it had two ingredients that last year everybody was forced to remove. The two we’re talking about are picamilon and AMP citrate, both of which were in the previous version of ESP but not the new one. From what we can tell those are the only ingredients Metabolic has removed from its pre-workout, keeping everything else including beta-alanine citrate, caffeine, choline, and a few more.

Metabolic ESP (2016 version/original)

metabolic esp

You can see the label for the reformulated Metabolic ESP compared to its original above, where you’ll also notice we don’t get any doses for any features. Transparency would of course be helpful although only if the brand has increased the doses of anything to help make up for the product’s loss of two very effective ingredients.

Metabolic fans interested in purchasing the updated pre-workout, can now grab it direct from the brand’s website. Surprisingly the new ESP isn’t priced too badly at Metabolic’s online store, getting a cost of just $34.99 for a 30 serving tub in four flavors with Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry.

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