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8 ingredients confirmed for MHP’s upcoming pre-workout Reckless

mhp reckless

While we know there are a lot of supplements coming in MHP’s new, rebranded line-up, we haven’t really seen the details for a lot of them. The one product we did get a close look at was the brand’s updated Up Your Mass, which is one of the very few transparently dosed gainers out there. Today we’ve got an almost equally close look with the upcoming pre-workout MHP Reckless.

Unfortunately we don’t have the label for the supplement, although what we do have is a list of some of, or what could possibly be all of its features. The ingredients and doses we can confirm for MHP Reckless per two scoops are 390mg of caffeine, 100mg theanine, 50mg of TeaCrine theacrine, 126mg of Sensoril branded ashwagandha, and 100mg of NeuroFactor, a whole coffee fruit extract included to help with mood and mental performance.

There are a few other features we know for MHP Reckless, although unlike the others we listed we don’t know any of their doses. Those features are citrulline, the Spectra fruits, vegetables, and herbs blend, and lastly norvaline. Based on the ingredients we know of at the moment, it definitely looks like MHP is putting emphasis on energy and focus, which are two of the three effects the product promotes as well as strength.

As mentioned earlier we don’t know if the features we have today are all that’s in MHP Reckless, although with the brand’s new line expected to drop before 2017 we should be able to confirm its complete formula soon.

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