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New Fierce Domination brings BCAAs, TeaCrine, and more transparency

fierce domination

Quite a few months ago, back at the Olympia Expo in September, SAN Nutrition previewed a new and improved version of its pre-workout competitor Fierce Domination. The preview revealed a handful of details about the supplement, but we definitely needed a better look to 100% confirm everything that’s changed. We now have that better look, as SAN recently released its reformulated Fierce Domination which is a lot more different than expected.

The first major change fans will probably notice without even looking at the new Fierce Domination’s label and just by serving up a scoop, is that its serving size is almost 40% bigger. SAN has packed an extra 7g into the product, although almost all of that is thanks to its addition of BCAAs. The updated pre-workout is also a lot more transparent than the previous version, with all but its creatine and caffeine blends being listed with exact doses.

In total the reformulated Fierce Domination features 18 different ingredients, most of which are from its predecessor. The ingredients fans may remember are citrulline, CarnoSyn beta-alanine, glycerol, l-carnitine l-tartrate, taurine, tyrosine, Agmavol branded agmatine, caffeine, and a slightlly differnet blend of creatines with creatine HCl, monohydrate, and magnesium creatine chelate. The new additions to the formula are as mentioned the BCAAs at 5g per serving, as well as 1.5g of betaine, a second form of caffeine in dicaffeine malate, alpha GPC, and TeaCrine theacrine.

SAN Fierce Domination (2016 version)

fierce domination

With so much being carried over from SAN’s original Fierce Domination, we imagine fans that enjoyed that one will also like the updated version. Its new additions however will most likely have an impact, bringing improvements in a number of areas. The most affected will probably be the energy and endurance thanks to the dicaffeine malate and TeaCrine, with the latter being an ingredient we’ve seen first hand intensify and stretch out a lot of pre-workouts.

At the moment it doesn’t look like any retailers are stocking the new and improved Fierce Domination, although you can now grab it direct from the brand’s own website. While it is a bit pricey at $52.46 for a 30 serving tub, SAN does have a slightly cheaper 10 serving trial size at $18.71, which also comes in the same flavors as the full-size with Furious Fruit Punch and Ragin’ Rapsberry Lemonade.

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