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Primeval Labs’ basic and stackable phenibut formula dropping soon

primeval phenibut

It appears that Primeval Labs is actually far from done with new releases for the year. Following on from its last two big reveals of VasoGorge and Gray Matter, the brand has introduced another upcoming item, although this one is a little more on the basic side. The latest supplement to be unveiled by Primeval is called Phenibut, which does only feature its title ingredient.

Primeval Phenibut is a basic formula made up of the nighttime ingredient phenibut, with 180 capsules packed into each bottle. We don’t yet know the main ingredient’s dose, however the product is something fans of the brand will be able to stack with its more complex nighttime supplement BIOS3 Xanix. While Xanix does feature quite a few ingredients, phenibut is not one of them and should add a bit more sleep and relaxation to the mix.

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