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Quest launches its protein packed, almost no sugar chocolate chip cookie

quest protein cookie

It’s been quite the year for Quest Nutrition, with the brand introducing a lot of creative new products throughout 2016. Most of those items have been introduced through its insider group Quest Labs, such as Cinnamon Crunch Quest Protein, Keto Crackers, and Keto Snaps. While we are only a month out from 2017, it seems the innovative brand isn’t done with this year just yet and has launched the Quest Protein Cookie.

The latest product from Quest is exactly what it sounds like, a protein packed chocolate chip cookie. As you’d expect from the snack brand the Quest Protein Cookie comes with some pretty impressive macros. Making up the delicious looking cookie’s nutrition label is 13g of protein from milk and whey protein isolate, 16g of carbohydrates with 8g of that fiber and less than a gram of sugar, 15g of fat (9g saturated), and a total of 220 calories.

Quest Protein Cookie

quest protein cookie

Looking at the image on the front of the Quest Protein Cookie paired with the brand’s own description, it looks like the product is going to be quite the treat. The chewy cookie appears to come filled with solid chocolate chips much like a lot of its protein bars, and weighs in at 51g, meaning it won’t be an overly large cookie.

If you’d like to get your hands on the latest Quest innovation, like most of its interesting releases this year the Quest Protein Cookie has been introduced through the member only Quest Labs. If you’re fortunate enough to be a part of it, you can now log in and purchase a box of eight cookies like we just did for $18.99. There is also an individual option which isn’t as cost effective as a box, where you can buy the Quest Protein Cookie at $2.59 each.

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