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Sour Bombs and Rainbow Candy BCAA Sensation confirmed

rainbow candy bcaa sensation

Last week Dedicated made a pretty exciting announcement, saying that it had a handful of new flavors on the way for its BCAA formula BCAA Sensation. To get things going the brand named just one of the many flavors it has coming, introducing Lemon Cola. Today Dedicated has revealed two more from its list of new flavors with the slightly more interesting sounding, Sour Bombs and Rainbow Candy BCAA Sensation.

Dedicated Nutrition’s BCAA competitor now stands with a total of nine flavors, combining its six current options and three new ones. The brand has also said that it isn’t done revealing new flavors and actually has one more to come. The last one will of course take the supplement’s menu up to an impressive total of 10, and will probably be the most exciting one of them all seeing as Dedicated has left it to the end.

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