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Dedicated unveils its 4th new BCAA Sensation flavor

Sour Candy Chews bcaa sensation

While most other brands are all about Black Friday sales today, Dedicated Nutrition has decided to do something different and reveal its last new BCAA Sensation flavor. If you haven’t been following, over the past week or so the brand has been slowly unveiling new flavors for BCAA Sensation. The first was Lemon Cola, then Sour Bombs and Rainbow Candy, and now we’ve been given its last one.

Today Dedicated has named its fourth and final new BCAA flavor, introducing the unique sounding Sour Candy Chews BCAA Sensation. Like all of the other new options for the supplement, Sour Candy Chews is going to be available in Dedicated stockists very soon, with the whole lot of flavors set to bump up the product’s menu total to 10.

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