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Performix combines Super Male T and SST for Super Male T V2X

super male t v2x

The second and slightly more interesting V2X Series supplement Performix has unveiled today is another spin-off of its testosterone formula Super Male T. The V2X version is simply titled Super Male T V2X, although there is a bit more to its title that lets you know what’s going to set it apart from the original Super Male T, as well as the Iridium Super Male Ti.

Back when it was confirmed that all of the products in V2X Series were going to pack more energy and intensity, we immediately wondered what Performix supplements could handle more of those two effects. We definitely didn’t have another Super Male T as one of our guesses, however after seeing what the brand has done to with Super Male T V2X, it is quite fitting.

The full name of Performix’s V2X Series testosterone competitor is, Super Male T V2X powered by SST. While we don’t have its label to confirm exactly what ingredients are in the product, it sounds like Performix has combined some of, if not all of its Super Male T formula with SST. According to the brand the result is a “powerhouse performance blend”, featuring the strength and stamina of Super Male T, and the energy and endurance of SST.

Just like with the other V2X supplement unveiled today, there a couple of ingredients we can confirm for Super Male T V2X. The two we know for sure are going to be in the supercharged testosterone formula are Testafuranol tribulus which is in the original, and ashwagandha like in Super Male Ti, although this time it’s the Sensoril version, not KSM-66.

From here the wait is still on for the release of Performix’s V2X Series, now confirmed to be made up of ISO 9:2:2, SST, and Super Male T V2X. That does mean there is still one more product left to be revealed from the line, as it is said to have a total of four. We’re fairly certain the fourth is actually going to be ION V2X, a harder hitting version of the brand’s stimulant pre-workout.

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