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Hydrocool from Ultimate packing 33g of hydrolyzed whey isolate per serving

ultimate hydrocool

We very rarely post about Ultimate Nutrition purely because we very rarely have anything new to report from the veteran supplement company. Today we actually do have a new product from the brand with the protein powder Ultimate Hydrocool. We don’t yet have all of Hydrocool’s details, although based on the description the brand has released the supplement does sound fairly straightforward.

As you might have been able to guess just by its name, Ultimate Hydrocool is a hydrolyzed whey protein powder. It’s mostly being promoted for its quick digestibility, with the product’s two scoop serving delivering 33g of protein or 16.5g per scoop. A few other highlights Ultimate has for the supplement include zero gluten, zero soy, and fat free.

From what we can see, Ultimate Hydrocool is not in stock or available at any of the usual retailers just yet. It’s not even listed on the brand’s own website, although when it does eventually show up fans will be able to grab it in a 3lb tub size in at least one flavor with Chocolate Creme.

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