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Ultimate Nutrition resurfaces with Sportika as its global distribution partner

ultimate nutrition returns and partners with sportika

Last year the legacy supplement company Ultimate Nutrition made headlines when it posted a notice on the door of its office saying employees had been terminated. The news really came out of nowhere from the 40-year-old brand, who also quietly took down its accounts from the popular social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

It turns out, despite everything that happened, Ultimate Nutrition did not close down. The legacy brand has resurfaced today with news that it is still very much in operation and has its entire line of supplements available. Over the past few months, it has been selling to select individuals and is now making its return with news of a distribution partnership.

Ultimate Nutrition has teamed up with the equally experienced distributor Sportika, who will be taking care of the brand in virtually every area of the globe, including the US. As mentioned, all of Ultimate’s original supplements are available through Sportika from its more recent and extensive Gold Series, through to its classic mass gainer, Muscle Juice.

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