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First Carb Killa to be launched worldwide coming January 1st

carb killa

If you’ve ever heard us talk about protein bars before you’ll know we rate Grenade’s competitor Carb Killa, as the best in the world. We were pretty impressed when it first arrived, however now that it has a full menu of eight delicious flavors, it’s earned the right to be called the best. The reason we’re bringing the product up again today is because Grenade has confirmed that it’s Carb Killa menu is about to grow once again.

As always we don’t yet know the name of the flavor Grenade has coming up next, although we can almost guarantee it’s going to be a good one. We do have some details we can confirm today including that the flavor isn’t fruit based like the most recent Banana Armor Carb Killa, and that it is going to be the brand’s first worldwide launch. That second detail is of course the more important one, as it means that US fans will be getting it at the same time as those in the UK and Europe, instead of having to wait around.

The one last bit of information we have is exactly when Grenade’s next Carb Killa flavor is going to be available. The UK brand is aiming to release its 9th protein bar in exactly 13 days time on Sunday the 1st of January, which will make an incredible start to the new year.

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