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Best BCAA Shredded gets an incredible $20 launch deal

best bcaa shredded

Yesterday BPI Sports topped off its fairly exciting teaser campaign with the reveal and release of its new Best BCAA Shredded. Usually things would be about done at that point, however today news has come of even more about the supplement. The brand has actually launched a pretty impressive introductory sale for Best BCAA Shredded, that fans will definitely want to get in on.

For a very limited time, or to be more specific through until Monday, you can get full-size tubs of BPI’s new Best BCAA Shredded for almost 40% off. The discount isn’t an exact percentage, the brand has simply just dropped the product to $20 each on its website. The only thing you need for the sale is the coupon code “SHREDDED” and what flavor or flavors you’d like to try.

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