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Brain Bridge sounding like a dedicated focus formula

brain bridge

It seems the innovative team over at MAN Sports has one more new supplement to tease before we head into 2017. The brand has just dropped an extremely small sneak peek at a product that appears to be called Brain Bridge. All we really have to go off is unfortunately that one small image, although that’s enough to give us an idea on what MAN has up its sleeve.

If we had to guess based on the brand’s teaser, it definitely sounds like Brain Bridge is some kind of nootropic, focus formula. The last time we actually saw MAN kind of put together something for that category was with NOO Pump, which was certainly impressive featuring a unique combination of focus and pump. If that’s anything to go by and Brain Bridge is indeed a focus formula, we can only imagine it’s going to be a solid supplement.

Surprisingly it also doesn’t sound like MAN’s Brain Bridge is that far away. The brand is promoting the timeframe of January 2017, likely meaning it’ll be unveiled or launched sometime within the next month. Regardless of whatever comes first, we’re certainly looking forward to this one as MAN has been on a bit of hot streak this year with a run of solid product releases.

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