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Crossfuel unveils Weapon, 1 of its 4 upcoming Black Series supplements

crossfuel weapon

While we have seen quite a few new releases from Crossfuel over the past month or so, none of them come close to what’s come in today. The sports performance brand has unveiled an all-new pre-workout, however there is a lot more to it than that. The pre-workout is actually a part of a new series that’ll give Crossfuel fans a taste of the extreme.

The supplement being introduced today is Crossfuel Weapon, which as mentioned is a pre-workout competitor and is a part of the new extreme performance Crossfuel Black Series. Our first look at Weapon does bring with it confirmation of a few ingredients, as well as some doses. The ingredients and doses are a 2g combination of citrulline and agmatine, a 3.6g blend of creatine and CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and 80mg of the extended energy ingredient TeaCrine theacrine.

While that is all we know about Crossfuel Weapon, we do have a few other details to share about the new line it’s brought with it. As you’d expect the pre-workout isn’t the only product in the new Crossfuel Black Series, it is in fact said to have a total of four equally “extreme” formulas. We don’t yet have names for any of the other three but do know their categories are BCAAs, testosterone, and weight loss.

The entire line, including the pre-workout Crossfuel Weapon, is expected to launch on the first day of 2017 through GNC in Canada. We’ll likely have all of the supplements unveiled before then as well as hopefully their labels, confirming all of their ingredients.

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