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Novo teases what looks to be its 4th Protein Wafer flavor

white chocolate strawberry novo protein wafer

Earlier this year Novo Nutrition launched its delicious looking Novo Protein Wafer, a small bar packing 12g of protein and just 4g of sugar. Taste appeared to be the main focus behind this one, with three flavors on its menu in Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate Vanilla. Despite the product still being quite new, it appears the brand has already decided it’s time to add to its menu.

Today Novo has released a teaser of what looks to be another flavor for the Novo Protein Wafer. While we’re not yet 100% certain on whether it is Protein Wafer that’s getting the new flavor, it’s pretty clear what the new tastes the new flavor involves. Based on the imagery it looks like we’re in for a White Chocolate Strawberry Novo Protein Wafer, which will take the bar’s menu to a total of four.

For now all we have is the teaser to go off, although knowing Novo it’ll reveal exactly what the new flavor is very soon as well as what product it belongs to.

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