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Holy Shit from Furiouz Labz claiming to have the highest dose of DMHA

furiouz labz

Over the years we’ve seen our fair share of uniquely named brands and supplements, but none top the pre-workout we’re introducing today. We’d like to turn your attention to a company called Furiouz Labz, who currently has just the one product available at the moment called Holy Shit. Yes, you did read that correctly, the brand is called Furiouz and the supplement is called Holy Shit.

As different as its name may seem, the ingredients the brand has packed into its pre-workout Holy Shit are no joke. Like most top quality products, Holy Shit is a 100% transparently dosed formula packing over 10 different ingredients. Some of its highlights include 4g of citrulline, a gram each of agmatine and glycerol, and a massive 300mg shot of DMHA. That last dose is actually something Furiouz is heavily promoting for Holy Shit, as the brand is claiming it’s the highest dose of DMHA on the market.

Furiouz Labz Holy Shit

furiouz holy shit

With such a long list and big variety of ingredients, it may come as no surprise that Holy Shit is said to deliver all of the pre-workout effects you could want. As well as the usual increases in energy and focus, the supplement promotes enhanced drive and mutant pumps. The pre-workout was in fact named after the phrase Furiouz says will be the only thing that comes to mind after you try its DMHA powered formula.

Unfortunately when it comes to availability on this one, you are probably going to be a little bit disappointed. It appears that Furiouz Labz is a European company, with no immediate way to get its pre-workout Holy Shit into the US. The product is available through the online giant Amazon, however that is Amazon Germany, who only seems to have options to ship Holy Shit within the country.

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