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Holy Shit Review: Extra DMHA intensifies focus but lessens energy

holy shit review

The main reason we first heard about Furiouz Labz neatly named pre-workout Holy Shit was because it was being promoted as having the highest dose of DMHA on the market. The brand was also making it sound like a pretty powerful supplement, so we figured we’d go through the effort to bring it in all the way from Germany. Over the past few weeks we’ve been putting the product to the test and have discovered it’s not exactly as awesome as we had hoped.

For those that don’t know, Holy Shit’s DMHA dose is 300mg per serving, which is double what most other pre-workouts have. We knew that wouldn’t mean it would have double the effect, but really wanted to know what kind of boost it offered, if any. The supplement does have quite a few other main ingredients in the mix with the likes of 4g of citrulline, so we knew right from the start if the extra DMHA didn’t do anything there were other ingredients we could rely on.

holy shit review

Strong focus, alright energy

It turns out Furiouz Labz Holy Shit is just like most other effective DMHA pre-workouts. It features a smooth build up of energy and a strong amount of tunnel vision type focus. The extra strong dose of the stimulant only seems to do two things, and those are make the focus more intense and lessen the energy. It gives the product a somewhat unique balance of effects, creating a very mind and focus driven workout with a relatively light, natural feeling increase in energy.

The focus is easily the most powerful effect in Holy Shit, although despite feeling a lot stronger than the energy, the focus is about as good as it is in the likes of Sparta Kraken and PNI’s powerhouse Prodigy. As mentioned, the increase in DMHA only seems to have lessened the intensity of the energy, which allows you to feel the focus a lot more. At first the effect does appear to be quite impressive, but after we compared it with some of our favorites that’s when we realized the focus just seems better since the energy is a little lower.

holy shit review

Even though the energy does feel somewhat weak compared to some of our top rated pre-workouts, Holy Shit’s energy is actually a bit stronger than it feels. It’s far from an off your face, stimulant kind of energy, however if you decide to increase your intensity by shortening your rest, adding more weight, or demanding more reps, Holy Shit will have you covered. The focus effect of the supplement almost overpowers the energy, making it feel like you don’t have much, but the effect is definitely there and does power you through when needed.

A little bit of pump

The Holy Shit experience is mostly driven by its energy and focus, although it does have a nice pump to it. Don’t expect anything major or at least on the level of its energy and focus, but it would be hard to take the product and not feel like it’s unnaturally helping out in the pump department. The effect is more on the dense and intense side as opposed to full and bloated, which goes kind of nicely with the mental drive of the pre-workout.

Does not taste like cola

Usually we don’t say anything about taste, unless it’s absolutely amazing or the complete opposite. In the case of Furiouz Labz Holy Shit, it’s the latter. As nice as its one Cold Cola flavor sounds, it is far from good. It’s not quite on the level of Dedicated Unstoppable, however even diluted this thing will make you pull faces. It has a real sour tang to it that certainly doesn’t bring “Cold Cola” to mind and does leave an awful taste in your mouth.

holy shit review

Great for smooth pre fans

While we were somewhat disappointed in the fact that Holy Shit doesn’t come through with the “Holy Shit” kind of workout we were hoping for, it is still a pretty good pre-workout. As touched on earlier, its focus is about as strong as the likes of the top rated formulas Sparta Kraken and PNI Prodigy. Unfortunately it is lacking in the energy and pump departments, so we can’t really call it a complete pre-workout.

Despite not coming through overly well in all the usual areas, Holy Shit is relatively unique and could easily be the perfect fit for someone. Its combination of seemingly light energy and very strong focus makes it ideal for anyone that isn’t a fan of over-the-top, stimulant powered pre-workouts. It’d go down well with lifters that like to feel in control, take time to mentally prepare themselves instead of going non-stop, and prefer a smooth type workout.

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